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Remote servo assistance

Hi Enven

You wrote

"Any suggestions to soften my Clutch Pedal. For normal people the pedal is soft but for me it is not because i have problems with my feet.

First of, go back to your user panel and put in your location. The kind of assistance you will get depends on what part of the world you live in (Europe, Asia, Australia).

Second of all you are using the wrong terminology in your post. What you want is servo assistance, or servo boost for your clutch pedal. When you say "soft" pedal people think you mean air in the line.

What you are looking for (I think) is a booster (servo) for your clutch pedal. The problem is that there is no space on the existing pedal box for both the existing brake booster and a new booster(servo) for the clutch pedal. So what you need is a "remote booster" or "remote servo assistance"

Lots of late 1960's Alfa had remote brake boosters. I think they were made by Lockheed, maybe you could plumb one of those into the hydraulic line for your clutch pedal. See the picture below.

In any event do a Google search for "clutch hydraulic booster" or "remote servo unit"

Hope this helps.


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