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Close Ratio Transaxles

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I have two Close Ratio Transaxles, one of which I will sell, the other will go into my GTV6 3 liter.
Both are built in large bearing Plat/Verde cases, with set up LSD units and lightened gears.
Replaced Syncros, with 1st changed to 2-5th unidirectional syncro assembly including dogs, shift forks, seals and bearings changed as needed.. Both speedometer compatable for pulse type units.
The Verde unit is 3.3/1.96/1.38/1.04/.86 with 3.55 R&P
The Platinum is 3.5/ 1.96/1.34/1.03/.95 with 4.10 R&P.(short gear set)

Stock gears are 2.78/1.72/1.23/.95/.76 FYI...

If not sold by tuesday the 4.10 R&P short gearset transaxle is going into my car...

$2,700.00 & shipping, either unit...
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