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Note: I’ll remove items if they sell, no need for “ is it available” requests.

I'm moving and can't take this with me. Below are the first listing of my documents, manuals and service manuals for various Alfas.

Delivery is either included or extra, please see the individual item. Most of this is shipping included. 48 states USA.

International is shipping additional, quoted on individual items or multiple. Media mail or next best way.

Paypal: [email protected]

Factory body manual 1750 Series, old dealer service department book, amazing reference book.

$150 shipped

Rectangle Font Tints and shades Metal Electric blue

Font Art Book Music Drawing
Product Art Font Material property Book

Beautiful color coffee table Alfa Book from UK $20 shipped[/B]
Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Wheel

View attachment 1705357

Alfa Romeo dealer parts price lookup $25 shipped

Product Font Material property Publication Rectangle

International Auto Parts repair manual $30 shipped

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive design Art

Alfa Romeo internal gift book, good condition, wonderful history book. $40 shipped

Motor vehicle Automotive design Rectangle Font Material property

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For those who don't have one, the Braden book is awesome! Highly recommended.

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I will take the Braden bible.

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