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Hello I haven't visited the Board for over a year, I am looking for a BRAKE OIL RESERVOIR for my 1967 Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, this is the one with the screw on brake line that screws on at the bottom of the reservoir which I thought I saw on the CLASSICALFA website. It's been a couple of days now and I have been unable to access their website and the telephone number I have states that it is no longer in service.
Would any one know their new coordinates or how I can get a hold of them or an info on what happened to them.
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i thought it was just me, they are still trading, I dont know why their site is down. you could try their emails [email protected] or [email protected]
Tried a couple of minutes ago, the website is up and running.

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Great will give it a try.....thanks.
thats strange i still cant access the site, i wonder if its a routing issue between a couple of isp's. I will drop a line to Richard
I had a similar problem once (not with Classic Alfa). There was a website that I couldn't reach from my home PC. I grabbed my neighbor's unsecured wireless connection and was able to hit it. I called the cable company thinking they may not be resolving the address correctly, but they had me reset my cable modem - fixed it. I'm still not sure why the modem has any presence at that layer, but the request was dying there.

BTW, I ordered some sheet metal from them this morning. If you're calling overseas, be sure to prepend the number with '011' (i.e. 011 44 20 8679 0707).

I can't access it either, even through a proxy server I'm just getting some weird garbled crap. I had an issue getting onto it a week or two ago, and was able to get through on a proxy server, but that isn't working now.

I'll try at work in a couple of days to see if that helps.
I have a new one that I ordered by mistake. PM if you want it.
I can't access them from the UK today.
yep, I too cannot access/ping or - I can however access

It must be a UK Web service provider outage/issue.
Yeah, just noticed alfaholics is down as well. Sounds like a problem on their end.
Well, I can access alfaholics on my work computer, but Classic Alfa is still borked. Makes me wonder if they are still operating.

*edit* just emailed them & will see if I get a response.
both work for me now.
And me. I'm guessing it's some DNS issue for the CA site.
Classic Alfa

I have not been able to get on their site for days.
Classic Alfa Site Update

Apologies to anyone who has had problems connecting to our site. We have had some issues with the DNS settings and the routing over the weekend. We are trying to resolve it today with our server providers and in theory the problem has just been fixed. If you still can't access our site please send an email directly to me - [email protected].

For orders & parts enquiries you can get in touch via email - [email protected]
or by phone on +44 208 679 0707.
Sorry for any inconvenience,

Richard Norris and the team at Classic Alfa.
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