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Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, Feb 19-20 with VARA
Sort of part of the Inaugural Desert Classic​
If we, AROSC, can get 15 entries for our own race group; the cost will be about $270 for 3 Sat sessions and 2 Sun sessions.

Race cars prepared to AROSC spec, we buy a run group for Sat/Sun, under AROSC Race Competition Rules. Basically an Alfa Club Race.

Sat: 2 Practice and 1 Qual Race
Sun: 1 practice and a 30 min Race

We must commit to this ASAP so call Terry Major if you can make this event. VARA is being very nice to offer us this opportunity.
As of Thurs Feb 3 we have 4 who can make this. Will you be there?????

Terry Major, AROSC
Hm 909 899 6695
cell 951 255 9631

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My brother Pete and I already had plans to go watch this event, and we did. We were hoping to meet a few people that we knew. We only met up with one person that we knew, Steve who drives a Porsche and is not a member of AROSC.

The weather was great. No rain at all for the entire weekend. We were only there for Sunday afternoon. It was partly cloudy, breezing off and on, cool to chilly depending on the breeze. Never COLD while I was there.

Being a VARA event, there was a nice mix of neat old cars ranging from Austin Mini to Corvette Stingray. There were only a few Alfa's, one with the Santos name on it, but I didn't recognize the driver.

The track looks fun. A lot of turns and not much straight, more like Buttonwillow than Willow Springs. Lap times for the type of cars that I am used to seeing with AROSC were around 2:10.

This is a track we want to run on. If I need to twist a few arms to get a club event here I will.

Part of our day was exploration. I can't remember when the last time I was in Indio, CA. We stopped at a Mexican restaurant for lunch before making the 40 mile trip out to the track. I can't remember the name, but the food was good and it was right off I-10.

On the return trip we stopped at an Italian restaurant in Indio. This one is not a place I will go back to. The food was good as was the service and prices. I am lactose intolerant. Traditional Italian cooking does not use cream or butter, except in a true cream sauce. Well, everything they had was laced with cream or butter. So I ordered my safety net, a Pizza. My Hawaiian Style Pizza was served with Jalapeño Peppers! YUK! Only in America can you get Mexican food in an Italian restaurant.

I took a few pictures to share. I took a series of shots from near the only bleachers to try to show the track configuration. Enjoy.

The track is 2.68 miles. There is a paved road leading into the paddock at the North/West side of the track. For those of you who fly, there is an air strip visible on the map. It looked paved as we drove past it.

The only bleachers is centered in the paddocks at the start/finish line. A view of the entire track can be seen from the top row.

Leaving the griding area in the paddocks.

About the half way mark. The cars are finally grouping together during the warm-up lap.

Green flag goes out and racing is underway.

Back to the half-way marker on the first lap. Spreading out, but still tight enough to see the track layout from here.
A walk around the paddock to see some of the cars.

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