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Choking the Hand Throttle on a Spider

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in a previous post on double clutching, I diverged slightly, and thus wanted to create a thread on the topics of a Choke and Hand Throttle for I had numerous PM me and thought it might be useful for others to see answers...

to which, Papajam was good enough to not only reply to an earlier post with two owner's manual diagrams of the ****pit controls for my year Alfa Spider, but as well sent me the first half of the owners manual in PDF...smarting information to be sure of and after review of some of the documents, it led me to ask a question on Choke placement, for which Legomedic responded the following...

"Choke" position is next to the hand throttle control at the back of the centre console above the transmission tunnel. I would send pics but am far from home (maybe someone else could help with that).
so then to exposing my ignorance of all things Alfa:
A) what the hay is a hand throttle?
B) and secondly, any idea on the intent of why the choke would not be to the left of the steering column so that one could turn the key with the right hand and jiggle the choke as needed with the left?

thanks much in advance...
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for one thing, US Spiders dont have chokes, fuel injection does it automaticly. there was a SHankle Sure Start on the market for a while, but no choke.
My 74 has been converted to carbs by a previous owner who didnt hook up the bypass (
DelOrto equivalant of choke) I put one in and installed the choke knob on the console across from the hand throttle. I dont know why Alfa put on hand throttles, but they have been on the spiders from the start.
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