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Just kidding you fine young? fellow gtv lovers. The photos are of a painting I made last year while waiting patiently for Passport trucking to deliver my newly purchased 71 gtv. on ebay.

They said it would take two weeks, turned into four because all trucks were in California for fancy Monterey car show. I thought I was just going to die waiting for arrival. When the car got here I sent painting to previous owner as a tip on sale.

The wait was well worth it and I've been driving the dickens out of it ever since. I have owned two spiders, but this thing is the real McCoy. What a blast!! Those webers make a difference:)

Glad to have found somewhere to look for advice and such.

I will be selling t-shirts and prints of this image from collectibles forum in the
very near future if anyone is interested.

Just a note to introduce myself.


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