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I have a 90 Spider Veloce that I acquired last summer. Te check engine light was on when I bought the car and the previous owner said that they had never figured it out. I put a little over a 1000 miles on it and stored it for the winter. Other than a cooling issue which was corrected, the car ran quite well.

It fired right up after 6 months of storage and of course the CE light is still on. I followed the directions I found on pulling the codes and get the following:

1245 - Output Stage of ECU For Variable Valve Timing

I've searched the forums here without success on this fault code.

My question is is it an ECU fault or VVT solenoid issue. I guess the second question would be if it solenoid related are replacement solenoids available. I have done a quick search (no phone calls yet) of the various Alfa parts houses with no luck.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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