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Cheap Spider parts

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I want to clear out the garage. I will take any sensible offer for the following:
Driveshaft. Good condition. I bought it as a spare to rebuild and never used it. $20?
Steering box. Burman - one of the last?. Does not leak. No slop. Out of an '82 $50?
Pair of front hubs with spindles and brake backing plates. Very good condition. $20 each?
Front and rear sway bars. Front one has very good end link bushings - look almost new. $??

Engine block, Spica. '79 with bearing caps and anything else that you want. No corrosion. Head came off very easily. $50?
Timing cover, Spica, '79. Good condition $10?
2 sets of standard pistons and liners
2 sets of Spica cams
cam covers
Set of tappets
almost all small engine parts

I am a motivated seller located in Columbia SC
Ed Prytherch
79 Spider
88 Verde
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[QUOTEPair of front hubs with spindles and brake backing plates. Very good condition. $20 each?

Ed I`ll buy them. If you will box & ship I will paypal the total. Still have my address?:)

Richard Jemison
Hi Richard:
I think that your address was in an email that went to my work account. Please PM it.

BTW, the head worked out great. The spider is running really well.


How much to ship the steering box to California?
Is this a u-joint style box (short shaft) or with the 1-piece column all the way to the steering wheel?

Shipping to pensacola is $17
I'd like to get the steering box from you.

I've sent you an email, can PayPal right away.

'almost all small engine parts'

How are you fixed for tappet shims?
The ignition 'switch' just went whacky on my '73 Spider.....I know they are difficult to remove, but would love an oem yours worthy of removing and sending to me? Please PM me or reply...thanks

ps - not sure if they are 'compatible'? Also would need keys, two please :)

let me know
I have a collection of shims that I have collected over the years but I plan to keep them. I still have 2 Alfa's.
79 Spider
88 Verde
I sold the ignition switch. They sell on ebay fairly frequently for about $40.
'I plan to keep them'

I don't blame you, I was just hoping. LOL
Some more stuff. I could be persuaded to give some of this stuff away:
Castor Arms
Upper suspension arms with good ball joints
steering links
Spring pan
steering idler box - I would like a few bucks for this.

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