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Excerpt from Road & Track, July 1967:

"Crash! The entrance of our Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV was undeniably dramatic. The scene: A fog-smothered coast highway intersection, where the Alfa waited apprehensively before a red signal, surrounded by darkness and things that go bump in the night. The heavy: An on-coming full-size native sedan, secure in self knowledge and pride of home turf. The action: Predictable and disastrous. Nuccio Bertone would have wept.
Taken squarely up the back by two tons at 30 mph the rear seat bodywork was crushed, but with superb progressive reluctance: to such good effect that our driver emerged physically unharmed, though with a bombed-out psyche. Crumpling extended forward to the front of the rear wheel well, popping loose the rear window and distorting the rear vent frames. Surprisingly, however, the doors could be opened after the collision, and even the chassis and rear axle geometry remained undistorted. All of which rounds out to high marks indeed for the craftsmen of Milano, plus a concomitant hint to the legislators of Washington that there may be even more to automotive safety than lap belts and hazard lights."

And then some ;)
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