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Through the course of my bare metal rebuild I've gained a greater appreciation for what makes a unibody strong (or weak) and I'm wondering what if any seam/stitch welding and or additional plate reinforcements would be prudent upgrades for a street car. I plan on running stock dimension tires and at least to start with I'm running all stock suspension (with the addition of stock-like Koni-Reds). In other words, my goal is making the chassis more responsive, enjoyable and durable, not to prepare it for 215 tires and 200bhp.

I'm getting pretty good at MIG welding and fabrication, but I don't want to do anything that could damage the chassis - for instance put too much heat into the susp/ mounting points and wonk it out of alignment.

Any advice? Might be that this is barking up the wrong tree, but this seems like the right time to ask the question.


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