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For the last 20+ years, we've been selling our yellow performance springs for the Spider (as well as GTV and Berlina). They work well and offer a useful increase in spring rate and lower the car about 1". They have been one of our most popular products and we've sold several thousand sets over the years.

In the past few years, we've been asked many times for stock replacement springs for Spiders. Some people are looking to do a complete suspension refresh, while others just want to repair the common rear end sag caused by fatigued original springs. Other customers are looking to bring a previously lowered Spider back up to stock ride height, and soften the ride to original specifications.

We are now offering both front and rear stock spring sets, made in the USA by the same great company that makes our performance springs. They are powdercoated gloss black to last for years. We find they are perfect when paired with our excellent reproductions of the original Spica hydraulic shock absorbers used on these cars.

The springs and shocks are all available separately, but we've also created a complete spring and shock package, which is sold at a 10% discount. We've actually pulled some strings with our manufacturers to be able to offer this complete package for just under $400 total.

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