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Center Muffler on 89

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Does anybody make a center “performance” muffler for an 89 spider? Or is it best to go with stock. I have a new cat and no rear muffler, just a straight pipe.
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I have your setup, but use a Cherry Bomb glass pack as the center muffler This is a red cylindrical muffler with no welds. It performs well and sounds good! This muffler is normally used on domestic (US) performance custom cars.

Check into a Magnaflow, I installed one on my 89, sounds great.
One other source is Stebro. I have a Stebro center section in ours.

It's made of stainless steel and worked well for me. However, Stebro isn't the best communicator and I had to pick up the part in LA (I work not too far so it wasn't a big deal).

If I had to do it again, I'd go Magnaflow. I have a 'complete' Magnaflow system in my '65 Mustang and very much like it...
Thanks for the heads up on the Mustang, my father has a 65 covertible that will eventually be converted to duals so I will keep the Magnaflow in mind when the time comes.
I bought mine from if you enter a coupon code of EBAYROCKS you can save another 15% or so....
I bought mine from if you enter a coupon code of EBAYROCKS you can save another 15% or so....
Just for grinns I checked on a pipe for my Spider. The price was lower with out putting in "ebayrocks". Before buying I would suggest getting a price both ways.
I would like to get a magnaflow or cherry bomb muffler setup, but have been worried if a local muffler shop could get the correct angles for the mounting flanges. Thanks guys.
Get the Magnaflow

I bought mine @ Meinike Muffler and they did an excellent installation. The sound is absolutely perfect. Plus I swear that the low end torque is better:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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