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Why am I bumping this years later??

because years ago I was given a PM from a gentlman who wanted to sell me what I needed, cash in mail deal.

Several years later after much coaxing the parts arrived.

Unfortunatly, I suspect the PO used a sawz-all instead of auto tools in the removing.
So, here I am again in search of the upper center area out of an S-4 auto, with temp mechanism and yes, somehow include the lil posts that the lil light bulbs fit into instead of just breaking them off. (seriously, who does that?)

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I told you to send me a check or money order. You're the one who sent cash. I emailed you when I received it.

Yes. It took me a couple of months to get the parts off and boxed up due to health problems I was having. I offered to send the money back to you. You said not to. You sent the money in oct, 2012. I had everything package up at the beginning of jan, 2013. We made a deal for the parts you wanted consoles and complete a/c system. You sent the price that we agreed on plus what you thought shipping would cost. I sent you an email on the additional shipping cost. I got quotes from every shipper you suggested. I charge you the actual shipping cost. April 3, 2013 you said you where sending the money. I never received it. I emailed you again in sept. you thanked me for emailing you as you had lost my email address. As soon as I received the money I sent out the 4 packages to you. So I don't see where this took several years. Also as you can see the only coaxing that has happened was waiting on you. I have the emails to back it up if you want to take this further.

I did not remove them with a sawz-all as you have suggested. If I had all the parts would have fit in one box instead of 4. Keep in mind these are 21 year old parts. You got them in the exact condition they were in when I bought the car.

As to the condition of the parts. If you were not happy with the parts you should have sent me an email and we could have worked something out instead of posting it on the public forum.

If you want send me the parts back and I will refund you what you paid for them minus the shipping charges.

Next time if you have a problem with something you buy you should try contacting the seller first before you start posting.

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auto trans parts

Why the auto?? Because the temp levers go left to right. Not up and down. Thats what I need.
not sure what exactly your looking for is it any of these,
i got your private message, but couldnt figure out how to send the pictures,
on private message,so here they are,
i hope this helps ,does not include electric items on console shown.( could be extra)
there off 1992 spider veloce,
if you need to email please email [email protected]


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