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Ok, I need help here. The 84 Spyder I bought came with the center console out and all the switches, lights, etc., just hanging around.
I have restored most of it, but have one gaping hole. Just below the clock, and above the ashtray, there are spaces for four toggle switches. I've got the emergency flasher, and two power window switches. (I have no clue about the order, I just put them where they seemed most logical to me.)
What is the fourth toggle switch? There was nothing to be found in my "spare parts."
And.... On the very bottom is the air conditioning control and cigarette lighter. There is a center hole apparently for a retaining screw or bolt. But, there is nothing under the dash to "retain" it to. any ideas? I am thinking the perhaps I am missing a flex spring or something that would hold it in place.
Thanks for any help you guys have...

Keeth Lawrence
84 Spyder restoration
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