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Castrol SynTech Oil Sale

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Found 5w50 Full Synthetic today for 9.97 a gallon or 2.49 a quart. Last month I bought out 4 K-marts of 20w50 SynBlend at 1.75 quart plus 30% discount so $1.33 a quart. Since my three 164s take 23 quarts (93L with shallow pan only takes 7) to change all three I figured I better stock up at these prices. I have already used up most of SynBlend doing all three cars.

Used regular Castrol 10w40 in sons' 91 Verde 164L RESCUE project engine and looks like that will be a 8 qt. drain and fix project.
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Castrol Syntex, while a good oil, is a Group 3 not a full PAO like Redline or Amsoil IIRC. Even Mobil 1 is likewise. "Full Syn", "True Syn", bla, bla bla is all unregulated advertising hype.

Synthetic oils

A Defining Moment for Synthetics


Synthetic Motor Oil Gets All New Semantics
Steve, where did you find the 5W50, Wally World?
Steve, where did you find the 5W50, Wally World?
Nope, even as scrxxxx up as that place is those inventory control xperts I don't think they would ever go that far off main stream and stock something like that.

My nameless to remain place where I need ID to buy must have had a car person make a mistake or Castrol slipped in a batch by mistake with regular GTX which was selling for 10.97 a gallon versus this 9.97 for 5w50 syntech.

I used to buy 20w50 synblend in 5qt jug for 6.97 and then they went to gallon jugs for 6.97 at same place but 20w50 synblend now 14.97 so at 9.97 for 5w50 syntech I went ape and got over a years supply we can do all my cars plus my sons I think.

Maybe I will even go to 3000 intervals as I have always tried to go 5k but I don't even drive each car that much in a year now being retired and having to let each car take turns being daily drivers. I do drive each one when I drive it over 10 miles each way from home to "my office" so I get them warmed up good though.

Yesterday, we drove white Alfalfa aka ALFA 4ME another 200 miles yesterday to visit the county judicial system for a infraction on I-295 over Labor Day in Quik AG aka ALFA 4US to keep the someones record clean (thankfully not the new family driver). The family Jeep was hard down for that evaporator change so smooth 164 fooled our other driver into how fast seems slow enough to be highway legal.

Let me tell you Super Trooper runs a fiscally sound speed trap at mile marker 11 I-295 southbound next door to Judical building (I believe he said over and over mile marker 11 and radar gun checked before and after his shift) as the cast of many parade in to the man. Let me tell you 79/65 was a low number.

How does that relate to oil well not sure except I only pushed a little off full mark of stick yesterday so must have a pretty mositure free crankcase maybe because of that 300 mile Columbus Day weekend Alfa club driving weekend we just had using same car and my full warm up driving I do during the week.
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