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Hello All,

This Sunday 26th of June, i'll be hosting the SECOND cars & coffee event in Byron Bay. Last month, we had a nice little turn out of around 12 cars (all marques) and I thought i'd take it easy and not promo it too much as to not tempt too-large a crowd.

Naturally, the Alfa Romeo circles are those that i'd like to promote this impromptu gathering to! On the last Sunday of each month, we meet at 9am behind my cafe, TARGA which is located on the corner of Marvell & Middleton streets in Byron Bay. All cars (and bikes) are welcome to come and mingle, drink coffee and eat pastries.

I established this primarily because i'd like a gathering that is free of car-club single denominational politics, that can flow - and grow - just by virtue of the various individuals that attend. The Northern Rivers area of NSW is an area fairly devoid of classic car-related activity, and is a great place for a drive as it happens. This makes it a nice potential jaunt for you guys who are up in and around the Brisbane and Sunshine coast area.

If you're interested in receiving the mail-outs that I send regarding these mornings, drop me a line at [email protected] and i'll add you to the list. If you've seen this here and you're intending to attend, just drop me a line to let me know. I don't mind if anyone turns up un-announced, but I only have about 30/35 bays available to me.

Best regards and I look forward to seeing anyone with a free morning on Sunday.
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