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Putting together a dinner over at Nino's Buona Cucina in Brookfield, Il.
Known for great food and outrageous desserts. The chef cooks like a madman and happens to be the brother of our very own Frank Tomasello. We are looking at October 10th at 7:00 pm, do not forget to bring your cars out and most important bring your better half :)

Nino's Buona Cucina
9237 Odgen Ave
Brookfield, Il 60513
Tel: 708-485-0610

To date, we have the following that have reserved a seat, if you plan on
attending please respond ASAP. It's going to be a good time and a simple reason to take your cars out before the Road America trip :)

Marco and Aileen Battistoni
Frank and Patty Sarnelli
Carm and Graziella La Spina
Tony and Carol Sarli
Frank and Tony Tomasello
Victor Severino
Tony and Diana Cavaliere
Giovanni and Josephine D'Avola
Dominick and Lidia Busa
Kirk and Susan Shore
Joe and Daisy La Barbera
Bob Benisek
Ross Messina and Guest
Patrick Pedicini
Tony DePinto and Guest
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