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Cars and Coffee DC?

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I know DC is not really much of a car town, but if a place like Omaha can have one of these, why not Washington? Seems like a fun way to spend a Sat morning

Cars and Coffee™ USA
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I just returned from C&C. I got there late (around 9am) and many people were leaving, but still an impressive collection of cars considering it's only March. Ferraris, Vipers, Porsches, VW bugs, BMWs, a Lotus, an Austin-Healy and others were still there when I arrived. Ed, I asked if there was a Lancia Scorpion earlier and was told I missed you- sorry about that. Apparently people show up around 7am; kind of early for me, but I am going to make an effort to get there earlier in the next couple of weekends.
Oh rats! I left about 10 minutes before 9!!

If you look at I have links to photos and a video I made today on the blog.. Yeah I am a bit of a computer geek as well as a car geek...

Well, guys, I am two for two on this event. This time after the rese of you left I went to start the car and there was an ignition issue. Battery is fine, but everything goes dead when I turn the key, so I am sitting here waiting for my toe. Luckily, I already had the appointment with London for Monday, so I'm just taking it a couple of days early....

Hopefully the third time will be the charm.
I was there today with a 2012 Fiat 500!
Reed, sorry to hear about your problem. Hope it is a simple fix.

Ed, I missed it this morning because I am waiting for the washing machine repair guy (8-11am appointment and just called now at 12:45 he's on his way).

Passing along a message that was just emailed to me by the Capital Chapter. Italian Cars and Cappuccino at the usual location but on SUNDAY of Memorial Day weekend.

All Italian Cars & Cappuccino
Sunday May 29
Coffee, Pizza & Italian Subs, Irish & American Brunch available
Outdoor & Indoor dining
A great chance for a relaxing Italian car get-together with or without the family!
Parking lot @ Katies Coffee/The Old Brogue/Deli Italiano
Center of Great Falls, VA, behind the Post Office
(Rte 193 6 miles west of DC Beltway I-495)
The real plus is that the May 29 event is Italian Cars only!
bump....coming up on Sunday! all kinds of fine Italian machinery
Weather forecast looks good for Sunday. I hope to be there with my Spider and with a friend and his Spider.
Photos from Italian Cars & Cappuccino Event

Here are some pics of Alfas from yesterday's Italian Cars & Cappuccino event. Good turnout- about a dozen Alfas as well as other Italian cars including Ferraris, Lambos, Fiats, Maseratis, and Lancias.


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counted about 40 cars....lot of folks stayed for brunch. How about we do this like once a month?


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I would like to see this continue on some semi-regular basis. The turnout was good, people were friendly, and the best part was not having to wake up at o'darkhundred to get there. I am not sure if once a month is too much given the Saturday morning C&Cs are weekly. Perhaps once every Spring, Summer and Fall?
REALLY sorry to have missed this - was out of the country. Looks like a fantastic turnout. I certainly vote for it to continue!!

For those of you who are AROC Capital Chapter members there's a drive & brunch this Sunday. Leaves Millersville MD (WaWa on Rte 3) @ 10:30 a.m.and goes to Deale MD, to have brunch on the bay. also return drive. good roads & expected good turnout of Alfas.
I woke up too late for Katie's Cars & Coffee this morning and decided to try Landsdowne, but nobody was there (around 10am). I thought this started as a first Saturday of the month thing but grew to an every Saturday post-Katie's thing. Does anyone know if the Saturday morning Cars & Coffee is still happening at Lansdowne?
Hi ;
don't wish to hijack the thread but since there's so many folks interested in Alfa-related events, we wanted to announce that our DC,MD,VA and SO. PA Alfa events will be posted on the new DCALfas-BB forum: DCALFAS- Alfa Enthusiasts of DC, MD, VA

Event announcements will be sent by email as well: you can sign up here

There will be at least 4 "winter" driving events (non-competitive) starting Sunday Nov 20 with one each in Jan, Feb & March. (Most experts say its preferable to do an extended drive with your Alfa at least every 30 days, than to lay it up for the winter).

DCAlfas also publishes a free e-journal with Alfa news, historical info, tech and other articles.


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I no longer have an Alfa, but plan on trying to make some of these events in an Italian car...
Italian cars welcome..(some events may be on space-available basis, but we don't anticipate that problem with the winter ones)
For DC,MD, VA etc. Alfa folks:
March edition of DCAlfas E-Journal (newsletter) now available. Click on link below to request.
Alfa Appassionato

This month's topics include:
• Our Readers Respond On FIAT and Alfa U.S. Introductions
• DCALfas Releases New Publication: 2012 Nuts & Bolts Guide to Alfa Resources 1.0
• Tech Tips: Oil Pressure Problems & Solutions
•Combined FIAT/Alfa Drive and Pig Roast
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