Carello Euro Headlights and Buckets

Carello part number 07 367 007
Alfa part number

7 inch bucket fits step nose GT Giulia sedans and ???

Two restored, the shiny ones, and one NOS- the one with the long ground wire..

NOS: no alignment screws or their plastic inserts, two spring catches for retaining trim

Two restored: good alignment screws with their plastic inserts. No trim retaing catches

Also available two Carello E3 headlights Carello 07 480 700 I would describe condition as fair, with some corossion on reflector. No doubt others will disagree

Buckets nos $30 US , restored $50 US pair

Headlights $60 US pair

Buyer to pay shipping from Vancouver BC. I will pack headlights carefully but no guarantees of safe arrival