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We welcome your opinions and experiences, be it positive or negative; you are 100% free to talk about any legal topic in this section. YOU ARE NOT FREE to break this site's Cardinal Rules, which WILL NOT be tolerated here or anywhere else on this site. We will remove any post and/or person from any section of this site who breaks a Cardinal Rule.

*No personal attacks or physical threats of violence
*No racist, sexist, bigoted, gender orientation slurs
*No National Origin Remarks
*No member bashing
*No forum/moderator bashing
*No illegal activity

Vendor/Product Report Guidelines:
  • You should first attempt to resolve the problem by contacting the vendor. If the vendor does not reply after a reasonable amount of time *or* refuses to right a wrong then tell us (meaning the BB) that.
  • Include the vendor's response (or lack of...).
  • Your report should be a simple statement of facts.
Please Note:
If you come here with the sole purpose to start **** & cause trouble, your post (and perhaps you) will be removed.

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Not open for further replies.