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Carb mounts

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Anyone out there have an opinion using solid aluminum mounts with O-rings ( like the ones Alfaholics offers) on a street car, vs. using stock rubbeized mounts?
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I have been told not entirely suitable as when carbs run a bit rough they will add to the rattle of carbs as opposed to rubber that cushions and you may get damage. However I was told they are good for track cars or if you keep your car in very good tune. Iwould love to hear from someone who has the aluminium mounts.
I love them, use them on both race-engines. If you can use it on race-engines, for sure you can use them on the street...
Well, I have decided to get these, and will let the forum know how they work out. I have no worries about short term, but I want to see if they work well about a year or two down the road.
Solid carb mounts - Alfaholics

I've been using them for about a year, on track & street, without problems.
I'm also about to use them (fairly long types some 6.5cm in height). I'm aslo skeptical on this...why alfa didnt use something similar and uses always rubbers? did has to be something like thermal transfer to the carbs? more over, what is happening with all this weight ,alu mounts+carbs+ air box cowl + heavy original top cylindrical euro filter box? after all these, the carbs staying bracket -down to engine mount- must be used anyway? any ideas or experience?
The aluminium mounts do the supporting so you don't need the air-filter support. The flexibility comes from using MISAB or O rings and thackray washers and lock nuts. The carbs do not get bolted up solidly. I have the Alfaholics gear and ran the car from London to Milan and back with no problems whatsover.
I would guess that it's a far more expensive production solution that the route Alfa took which is why they used the rubberised mounts and paper gaskets.
Alfa used rubber mounts to isolate the carbs from;

A) vibration
B) engine heat (to include hot soak)

and just a thought on my part, a cooler carb means a cooler intake charge.
Ive had the alfaholics set up for 2 years without any problems(fingers crossed)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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