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Jay and I were sparing (nicely) a bit over hard mounts verses soft mounts on another thread so I thought I'd start a new one.

I prefer hard mounts. I'll bet some of the seasoned veterans have other opinions and I'm curious to hear your experience.

My logic is this: Rubber is the quintessential compromise and things like damping run counter to other properties such as strength, heat aging, compression set, vulcanizing adhesion and the like. So at best, a designer is only going to get part of what he wants. And once it gets into the aftermarket, the chance that the material specified 50 (75?) years ago is the material used today is well, not likely. Rubber that was $.25/lb back then is $4/lb today so guess what XYZ molding company is going to do. And if in China...

I am quite suspicious of the mounts that are available today. I'm guessing that whoever is molding them is using the cheapest material that will vulcanize to the the flanges. They would give no regard to its ability to attenuate the frequency range that would cause fuel foaming and I'm sure there are no performance specs that they work to. So a "good" mount might be good because it lasts for ten years but is it really attenuating? I'm guessing not. And if not, why use a rubber mount? Use a hard mount that will last for ever and can be produced by anyone with a mill.

More to come but let the battle begin...
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