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Carb mounts for Spica manifold

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Need a pair of Spica to Weber type carb mounts (40mm)
Would buy 2 sets if available.
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You can buy the whole kit on ebay for 365 shipped.
I have a set I can sell to you.

Let me take some pics and I post them.
Is this what you need?

I also have these 40 DCOE Weber carbs for sale...

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Yes but I really don`t need the old 40s but what do you want for the mounts. ( or and mounts & carbs)
I have a pile of Spica manifolds.
Please send via PM
The whole kit isn`t worth $365! I only need the plates.
It comes with everything though. I didn't think that at 365 it was a bad price.
I've got a set.
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