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I've just leased a large 900 sq foot storage unit in a gated and secure facility in Martinez, CA, just off I-680 approximately 6 miles North of Walnut Creek. Hoping to find 2 other car enthusiasts that may have also outgrown their garage at home and are looking for some additional space for their cars. I have my vintage Alfa and Fiat currently parked there.

The entire space is 30 ft x 30 ft and has 3 roll up doors in the front, so the access is ideal to share the space with 2 other people, each taking one third of it (10 x 30, 1 door). The depth of the space is likely large enough to fit 2 small / medium cars parked tandem. The monthly rent for a third ( 10 x 30, 300 sf ) would be $175, which is less than half of what a what a 10 x 30 unit currently rents for.

PM me if interested. Thanks.
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