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car shipment to europe

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Hello, Does anyone have any experience shipping a car (Alfa of course!) to Europe? I'm looking for some suggestions and feedback about some of the various shipping companies out there. Specifically looking at shipping my beloved Alfa to join me in France, so if anyone has shipped a car to France and has some experience with the required paperwork it would be great to get your feedback!
thanks /andrew
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I've shipped Alfas both ways and have always had great service from Wallenius lines.
Roll-on, roll-off was easy and cheap.
Thanks Randy,
I checked them out and they only seem to go from the eastern seaboard (at least for Canada), did you transport your car to the east coast, or do they do west coast service in the US?

Mine were dropped near Los Angeles, so I know they come up the west coast.
Their website should show all of their destinations.
you could also call Al Thompson at he is local in Vancouver and does car shipments all over. He is straight up and will tell you if he can/can't do it, etc.
good luck
Hi, Thanks for the feedback, I ended up using Astra International from Vancouver, and had the car shipped by container to Hamburg, Germany (train to Montreal, then boat to Hamburg). It all went well aside from the battery which was totally dead on arrival (but hardly unexpected...). Overall a lot less painful than I had thought. It took several weeks in total, as I had to wait for the container to fill up with other goods.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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