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Car not starting..!

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I have an Alfa Romeo 156... The problem started a year ago when the fuel injector light came on when I was driving... I would turn the engine off and restart and it would go away... sometimes it would come back other times not for days until the other day I started my car and it was running for a minute or so until I touched the throttle and as soon as I touch the throttle I heard a pop... Now I hear a clicking sound from the relay... I have switched it over but it still won't run.. The car will turn over but will just not fire up...
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This could be a number of faults. Have you tried with another battery or jumb leads?
Otherwise best thing to do is getting the car to an Alfa repair shop and have them put the ECU tester on for a faults rapport. If no Alfa dealer near you, ask car repair shops if they have testers with programs for Alfa 156.
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