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I am selling my '87 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio. I am relatively clueless on its value, is it possible that someone could provide me with an estimate?

It is in great cosmetic shape and the engine runs fine. No rust and hard top is included. 35.6k miles on it. Its grey with black and red interior. A few years ago a new radio was installed on it but besides that it is stock.

I would be selling it on eBay Motors, Craigslist, and on this forums classified boards. I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could estimate my vehicles value.

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I sold my 1986 Quad about 6 months ago. It had roughly 120,000 miles on it, which puts it in a different category than yours, but there may be some comparison. My car came from California and had zero rust. It had been used regularly until 1995 when it was put into a dark garage and left until I bought it in 2006. While I owned it I did the following:

New Konis
New leather seat covers
New tires
New water pump
New injectors, fuel pumps, filters, thermo-time valve, cold start injector, fuel pressure regulator, all new hoses, filters, etc.
Very good paint job by top restoration shop removing what little parking rash existed (very little) and matching the original silver metallic paint perfectly.
New stereo speakers
New automatic antenna
All exterior items detailed and corrected where necessary.

I bought an Ebay hardtop, but it was pretty nasty and I never did anything to clean it up and use it.

Sale included new clutch kit, spare oil pump, filters, and lots of other spares. Didn't need them, but I buy good deals when they come around just in case.

Sold on Ebay for $6,000.

You can adjust your target for less mileage and better/worse condition.
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