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Can I use wever 45 dcoes

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I have a 79 Spider Euro with Solex Carbs 40 adhe's. I am tired of them and want to go with webers. I have webers on the 67 duetto and really like them. My question is can I, should I, go to 45s vs 40s on the 79? What will it buy me and what will I be trading off. Other than being a 2000 Euro to begin with, I do not know if the 2 L is accommodating to the increased size. Will I need to be looking at different cams other than the expected euro cams? Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Want to know what fits best? Run the simple software found here: .

What it will show you is that you can use the 45's, but you won't gain anything over 40's because both carbs will need to use the same size chokes.

To use the 45's to advantage, you'll need higher compression ratio, bigger valves, porting, hotter cams, etc.
Gary, thank you so much. That answered all my questions. Didn't think it was that easy to decide. I'll sty with the 40s for commonality between the alfas. Thanks.
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