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Camshaft timing help..

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I got my 2,0 back from rebuild this weekend, and installed it. It is a standard 2,0 with other pistons+++ and turbo from a 1,8t. It start and runs, but very hard and often only on 3 cylinders. When i got it back the camshafts was wrong. I tried to time it up again, but im not sure if its right. Since it starts i guess im not far away, but i suspect that they are the problem.
Does anyone has a picture of a 2,0 with correct cam timing, or could tell me how to get them correct? Tried the manual, but it was in italian..

The crankshaft has 2 marks, one P and one T if i remember right.. Should it align with the P or the T? And the cams has 2 marks on the intake side and 3 on the exhaust if i remember correct..

Any tips??
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