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Believe it or not there was a thin metal plate that someone from Alfa invented to stop oil vapor from exiting properly from the engine. It might have something to do with California emissions and transitioning from the 101 engine to the 105 which is vented slightly differently. Anyway I pulled the road draft tube off the back of a 1966 Veloce engine (not from CA) to discover this little thin blocking plate cut to the perfect symmetry of the two bolt attachment that was slipped in while the engine was in the car by slotting the two holes to drop it in place. Drove me crazy trying to figure out the source. With this plate in place there is no where for the crankcase to vent off any pressure except the cam cover gasket, the weakest link in the system. Also another source is nature. If the engine has been sitting around waiting for you to finish the body work or you haven't driven it in awhile, wasps love to build nests in this nice place just as spiders love to build them in your outdoor gas grille orfices. Mud dabbers or paper wasps can be very sneeky. Its a real pain in the *** to pull this off but I am afraid you will have to. I use to hang the plate on my workbench wall as a reminder. Rick
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