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Camshaft comparison question !!! HELP PLEASE

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Dear friends,

I have encountered the above 2 spec sheets , for 2 sets of camshafts. I was told the 2 camshafts were actually the same, it is a matter of setting up.

Furthermore, I was told that the XXR 01 would rev to 6,500 rpm, while the XXR 02 would rev even higher to 7,000 rpm.

And yet, I was told the 2 sets of camshafts were of the same.

Could someone please help shed some light on me !
(Please find the attachment sheet)


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Ask user Alfa7r very kindly and he may be willing to give you some input. Also, try posting this question in the engine section.
Lash affecting cam timing

A very simple answer to your question:

The clearance (valve lash) changes the opening and closing events, thus changing the amount of fuel/air flow that the cylinder "sees".

This changes the rpm range that horsepower and torque is produced.

There is a lot more to this, but I hope this gives you some insight.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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