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Well I removed the head on my 2600 over the weekend and dropped it off at Heads unlimited a local shop for a once over, pressure test, valve adjustment etc. Checked in today and found out that when my Motor had been rebuilt some years ago ( I purchased the car without the motor which had been completely rebuilt and put on a shelf, long story for another day) The people who rebuilt it installed the cams with the one marked E to the inlet valves and the one marked I to the exhaust valves. Now this is where it gets interesting, the car ran fine with lots of power, based on what I thought it should have, having never driven a 2600 before. Weber carbs on a stock Solex Manifold no flat spot. Before I took the head off I did a compression test and found cylinder 1-149 2-118 3-103 4-118 5-118 6-149
so now I need to find out what each respective cam should read and check the respective Cams on the head and see what is going on. Anyone have info on the Cams?
63 2600 Spider
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John, the cams for intake and exhaust are the same and interchangeable (both cams have the same parts number in the parts catalog). The cams on Sprint/Spider are different than on the Berlina (but intake/exhaust are still the same).

If one cam is marked "I" and the other "E", these marks probably stem from the shop that worked on the engine. Italians would have marked them as "A" for "aspirazione" (inlet) and "S" for 'scarico" (exhaust).

The valve timing is described on p.6 of Pub. 912 "Technical Characteristics and Principal Inspection Specifications" (I posted it in this thread).

Please keep us posted about what you learn.
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