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Campaniolo Wheels

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The wheel is from a Berlina 2000 euro. It is a Campaniolo. For many years, I can't define if these wheels are made of Aluminium or of Magnesium to get them clean after (give them the best way). Does anybody knows something about? How I can find from what they were made?Is there any sign behind?


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I believe that Campy advertized that they were made of 'electron alloy'.
Mostly Magnesium for light weight.
Thanks. I can't recall where here in alfabb there was a discussion about campys weight. A friend told me that campys where two types: Alloy and Magnesium. In that case and normally, somewhere on them must have a sign for this. And if it is true, the dif types must have dif weights. Can anyone here knows the dif weights? I guess this might be an easy way to define my problem.
I think that the other discussions were about the reproducion Chromadora and Campy wheels that are available new. They are almost all aluminum alloy and are a lot heavier than the originals. Some use very thick castings to make them stronger for street use. These are the 'heavy' ones.

The wheel below on my Super has a date cast into the back side of 1971 and weighs about 11 lb. Most original wheels made to fit 105 series Alfas are made from an alloy of magnesium and probably only through the '70s. The exceptions would be racing wheels, and the factory ones for the late model spider.


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Thanks again. As far as I know Magnesium's rust is dif than Aluminium's. You can see some white dust like snow. My campys although in general are in a very good shape, show something like that. Well, I will try to see any number at the back side
The 6.5 x 14" Campagnolo rims on the Montreal are made from a patented magnesium alloy called Elektron. They weigh 5.8 kgs / 13 lbs each. I assume the narrower and often smaller Giulia rims are slightly lighter.
I have some magnesium Cromadora's on my Lancia Fulvia Zagato, they have 'mg' cast in on the inside face to signify being made from magnesium. I suspect that the Campagnolo wheels will probably have this also. It will more than likely be by the date code (a set of squares with a dot in to signify the month and the year) of mfg.
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