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Cam Cover Bolt stud stripped

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Ouch. Seems I managed to strip the threads on one of the cam cover bolt studs on my '83 Spider.

Is it possible to get this thing out and a new one in without taking the head apart? I just replaced the head gasket and don't really want to go back down that road.

Help, please!
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The studs for the cam cover screw into the cam journal caps. So you can certainly R/R one without removing the head. Remove the cam cover. Double nut the stud or grab it with vise-grips (since it's stripped it's already ruined). You should probably remove the cam journal cap (after removing the stud) then install a new stud. I suggest removing the cam cap because the hole for the stud goes all the way through the cap - you need to make sure that 1) there is no debris in the bearing area from R/R the stud and B) to make sure your new stud does NOT protrude too far and foul the bearing.


If you are tellling me that I should be able to remove the old stud with a pair of visegrips, then that answers my question.

Thanks a bunch. I should also tell you that your L-Jetronic troubleshooting document has been a great help!

All the best,

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