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CA Smog check

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I just bought an '84 GTV6 from a Florida PO. The car has the IAP headers, European down pipes, a leaking mid-muffler and an ANSA rear muffler. No catalytic converter (but it sounds awesome!).

I need to get this car smog checked.

My first thought was that I would just cut out the mid-muffler and weld in a generic cat. After getting under the car, I found that there are two pipes into the mid-muffler and one out. I doubt that I can find a cat of similar design.

Does anyone have any experience with this situation? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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I am pretty familiar with your situation, since I just moved from a state with no smog checks to Colorado, which has a similar system to California except all tests are done at facilities similar to a CA "test only" stations.

Here's my solution:

Basically I had twin cats installed on a set of CSC headers, which are fairly similar to the IAP product. This set up let me pass the visual test and of course the actual emissions were well below specs.
twin cats installed

I have heard of a similar solution in an article from European Car magazine. They complained that the cats drag on the ground.

Have you had any problems with that?

I used the Random Technology 8100 series "Bullet" cats, which were the smallest high-flow cats I could find. They do scrape occasionally when going up a steep driveway with a crest at the top or a shart speed bump, but never in daily driving or over pot holes, etc.

I would not say they are worse than my previous set-up which was stock manifolds with Euro down pipes.

The European Car Project GTV-6 series used the Fast Cats from Alfa Heaven, which appears to use 2 full sized (1) cats under there. That's really a tight squeeze. They do have a crossover, though, which will give you a bunch of torque.

I have been informed that in CA, twin cats may not be acceptable as the car was only originally supplied with a single cat. You may want to check into that before attempting a twin cat set-up.
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