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Hi Guys and Gals,

Recently another fellow BBer and I were cheated of our money by a seller on this BB. I just wanted to let you know of steps you should take to minimize the chances of not getting your money back

1) Pay through PayPal
2) Specify the date on which you expect to get a valid tracking number
3) Specify the date on which you expect to receive the item
4) All the dates should be before the 20 day period to file a claim.

You should stick to the dates and not give in to excuses like personal problems, etc. If the seller cannot deliver, then ask the seller to sell to someone else and ask him to refund the money via PayPal before the escalation date via Paypal expires.

Even with these steps, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back, as it is up to Paypal. But at least you stand a chance of getting something back.

I also realize that it is complicated if the order is through a middleman and both are at the mercy of the supplier who is overseas. But for transactions within the USA this will minimize the chances of totally losing your money.
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