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Buying tips for a 105 coupe!?!?!?

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Hi - I've spent the last 72hrs straight [occasional coffee & toilet breaks] drooling in the picture room!! Now i'm seriously thinking about parting company with my 'fair-weather' 84GTV6 in search of a 105 coupe!....BUT i don't know much about them!!

After a little investigation in the local market [Australia], i see them ranging in price from AUD $2K to $100K. I also noticed the many variations such as GT, GTV, GT Veloce, Giulia, Junior, GTA.... ECT!

Now I don't think i could drive anything less than a 2ltr which probably limits my choice. Although a clean 60's 'step-nose' could probably tempt me!!

- Do you guru's out there have any buying tips or suggestions for me??
- Where can i learn more about the various year/model/version of 105 coupes?

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Sorry, first post & i got it wrong - I'll re-post in the correct section :eek:
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