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Butcher Shop: Top Gear on Now...

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Poor 164 cut in half... being joined to a Saad to make a limo.

The Horror!
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Yeah I was watching that. I loved Top Gear until I saw that...
Yes, the show is just on now, have seen it before. Pisses me off no end. I realize that even good running decent bodied 164's aren't worth much to the Brits but it still pisses me off!!

Also too bad we could never get the MGF, as it was a decent looking roadster, better than the Alfa roadster I think.
Yes,the Salfa Romeaab.

This is quite an old show - it's even been on TV here in NZ ages ago, and has been on YouTube for some time.

I liked the Sistene Chapel painting on the 'ceiling' of the 164, and the sauna in the 9000 - all very appropriate. You have to admit that it was probably a better result than the Giant Panda or the battered-looking MGGGgGGGggGGGgGGGGGgGF, but the navigational abilities of James May let it down in the end.

They didn't get the welding straight and there was a "sidewinder" quality about how the car tracked. But then again when you mix olio and water...

IT seems like Top Gear stages most of the gags anyway... with 164 steering wheel coming off and all.

We get the BBC 6 month -2 year time delay here in states in order for our censors to have enough time to understand the cheeky "humour" for appropriate censorship.:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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