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but would like to trade 66 duetto project

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I have very nice 66 duetto resto project that I would like to trade someone for a very nice restored series 2 spider. I have not seen many very nice series 2 here or on ebay. Of course I know I can sell duetto and then buy spider. wondering if anyone out there has one and now licking lips to do same to duetto.

duetto came to me with 1600 out, I replaced all floor pans but not a rusty car. rockers not rusty, wheel wells not rusty, even rear lip of trunk lid not rusty! 90 % of body work done and primed. 1600 motor now rebuilt by most knowledgeable alfisti I know (not Me!) top and bottom. Complete car with bright work good.


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I have a 71' and 72' Spiders. the 71' is on Portland Oregon craigslist, the 72' is nice but needing the drivers door repainted, plus it has a factory hardtop. Let me know if interested in eighter. Bob Lesher in Astoria Oregon 503-325-1957
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