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I've just posted a video guide to changing spark plugs and/or coil packs on the Busso. Mine is a GTV 3L CF2 but the guts of the guide will be the same for 2.5L and 3.2L, maybe just the odd bracket bolt here and there different. This guide is designed to show step by step how to do the job yourself and to quash the various alfa forum based myth that this is a difficult job. See for yourselves at the link below.
One other thing. I raise money for a veterans charity, (The Royal Engineer's) The Felix Fund. If you use the guide and save yourself a pile of cash (with the added bonus of feeling quite satisfyingly smug at your achievement) please make a small donation to The Felix Fund. If you text BOMB00 (That's BOMB followed by two zeros) you will donate £5.

Because this is my first post I'm not allowed to put a direct link to the video into the post, you have to have 10 posts before you can do that. If however, you were to go to YouTube and search for "Debdencycle alfa" you will find it. If you search for "Debdencycle" on it's own you'll still find it and some of the other stuff I have done. Enjoy.
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