The belt covers for V6 engines (Busso), 12 valve are for sale.

They look great and extremely sturdy, 2 layer, hand laid fiberglass.
One set was tested on an engine in the USA, and the result was very satisfactory.
The round caps are not included, but the covers are relieved for their fitting.
The square opening for the ignition wires are cut out.

For installation, they aren't as flexible as the originals, and some items have to be removed,
as the alternator belt and radiator hoses. A drop of Loctite on the bolts should be applied, as the washers
might not be sufficient, and could vibrate loose as the standoffs could not be applied in the molding process.

The price is $385 per set plus $21 shipping, flat rate USPS priority box, Conus.

Due to the limited production, first come, first serve. Only ones in the world.

You can reach me via a BB conversation,
Please title the subject: "Belt Covers" for photos as too many to post

Regards, Alberto