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Hey Everyone.

Just a quick question, I looked under the back of my car to investigate the clunk that sounds whenever i hit a small bump. What i found disturbed me havung just had one of my rear callipers replaced. firstly, a groove about 2-3mm deep and about 5mm wide(radial direction) around the rotor with the new calliper.... secondly and more disturbing, i found that the sway bar shackle mounts have no bushes in them... does anyone know the size or part no of these bushes( or good aftermarket replacements). it seems easy enough to replace them one at a time just buy jacking and removing the wheel??

Also, not sure about the US models but what is the big plastic thing above the fuel tank in the 3litre. the sorta rectangular black thing. emissions component?? i think one of the hoses may be leaking cuz there is a fuel smell in the boot and back seat sometimes.
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The black plastic thing is a vapour condensor canister, they're on all the 80s Aus Alfas I've seen. Should be a line going forward from the top right corner to the inlet side cam cover breather, and a line from the bottom down into the fuel tank, and a vapour line from the fuel filler neck to the left top side of the box. The top right line has a one-way valve in it which gets gummed up over the years - pull it out and make sure it's not stuck. If it's stuck it will give you a fuel smell, generally through minor cracks or leaks in the line from the cam cover.
thanks guys.
I didnt realise the bushes were so readily available over there, anyone know of an aus supplier?

These guys are both australian based manufacturers and should have something that will do the job for you...

Mackay Rubber


Hope this helps...

sway bar bushes were a bit hard to find for me... i could get genuine ones for a price, but i took them into pedders and got them to match them with some from another car, not sure which one it was but its not listed as an option...
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