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I've disassembled my burman steering box, and I want the sizes of both seals.

I think the lower seal is 28mm id x 40mm od x 7mm height
Is that correct?

Also, whats the size of the 2nd one.


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The 28 x 40 x 7 mm sizes seems right.

That matches the size I noted on the invoice from the NAPA store when I bought the lower seal for my Burman box.
The part # shown on the invoice is 10930, however I don't know if that # is Napa's or the manufacturer's . It's described as a "transeal".

Remember to clean up the shaft with some fine paper or emery cloth. If the lower bushing is worn (high mileage ?),
the new seal may not be 100% effective. I don't know how much trouble it is to change that bushing, but if there's still leakage with the new seal, I've read you can fill the box with a heavier weight oil or light grease.

I have a bunch of notes on rebuilding and adjusting burman boxes that I saved off the Alfa Digest. I can forward those along to anyone interested.
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