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Bumper Question

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I'm trying to save the rear bumper from a 91 parts car, but I can't get the darn thing off. I have removed the bolts holding the bumper to the sides of the car (I can pull both sides away) and 4 bolts from inside the trunk that go into the bumper.

I don't see any other bolts, but the bumper doesn't want to give. I looked in the manual and the parts manual, but didn't see any clues in either of these.

Your help appreciated.

Rex in Albany
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I think there are 4 side bolts, 4-5 underneath screws and 1 nut and there are 4 nuts inside trunk under tail light area.

Can you tell me where the underneath nut is? I have the four side bolts out as well as the four under the tail lights and two screws underneath each front corner?

I guess I'm looking for 2 or 3 screws and one nut. I assume the screws go through the standoffs shown in the manual. Where is the nut?


PS: this car is on dirt, which makes going underneath unpleasant and perilous, so I haven't exactly crawled under the car to check it out down there. I would prefer to locate the fasteners and remove them without going under the car. Rex
There are four nuts inside trunk under tailight area. One on each side inside rear frame rail box and two outboard and lower in lower quarter panel area. You need battery out and rear carpet and side carpets peeled back to see them.
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