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Hey there,

Last year I built a megasquirt to run programmable fuel on my 84 Gtv-6 and have decided to change to a megasquirt III to run programmable ignition aswell. This ECU is a very good replacement to the stock L-jet. The ECU is curently running my Gtv-6 and is living proof of its quality and reliabilty. I trust this little guy so much I took it on a 2000 mile road trip last summer. I am looking for $300USD+ shipping and am located in Ontario, Canada.

A few things about the current setup of the ecu:
- Runs stock fuel injectors
- It is enclosed in a stock L-jet box using the factory, but slightly modified wiring harness
- It is currently tuned to run a 3L 164 engine
- Comes with hardwired serial cable and a serial to usb adapter
- Uses stock coolant sensor

- Noticibly smoother running
- Tuneable fuel mixtures
- Improved startup
- Ability to capitalize on engine modifications
- Ability to remove restricitive stock air flow meter

Mods needed:
- Intake sensor ($40)
- Throttle position sensor($50)
- Wideband sensor (varies)
- Wiring ($20)

With a few other sensors you can have this programable ECU installed in under 3 hours! I have nothing bad to say about this ecu, it does its job very well. This is a very simple build. Dont be scared to step into programable EFI! I am willing to help tune or make adjustments to the tune to fit your car.

PM for details.


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