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I got distracted and missed the end of an auction tonight on trademe.

Who is the lucky bugger who got the black leather Alfa 155 seats for just $60?

I find my 75 seats a pain in the arse, excuse the pun. I have some Integra seats to go in but am only half finished the job.
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Unfortunately not me :(

Does anyone know if 155 seats are same bolt on pattern etc ?
At that money I wouldn't care!

The 75 seat rails are separate from the seat (unlike Japanese seats). I makes it fairly easy to mount another seat. They are quite narrow however, a couple of inches narrower in the base than Integra seats (which I got a pair of for $35). I'm guessing 155 seats as the 155 fwd chassis is eons newer than the old alfetta era floorpan.
Lets hope its not to much of a mission

I saw a very banged up white 75 at footy on the shore the other day with a full leather interior , the seats would look nice but the door skins were disgusting !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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