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Hi everyone,

The Rice SAE team had it's first meeting of the new school year today. We had some transmission issues during the One Lap event last year, but we were never in one place long enough to do anything about it. Today we removed the transmission from the car and disassemble it. For those of you that might be wondering what happens when you slam a freshly built transmission (done by Andrew Garcia with lightened gears, new synchros, new dog rings, and a fresh 55% lock lsd) into reverse without depressing the clutch. Then drive the car because you're in the middle of BFE Utah with no options.

Reverse gear:


I guess we'll rebuild it again. Also, I cannot stress enough how fantastic a guy Andrew Garcia is. He has been unbelievably selfless and generous to us for the past 3 years and his expertise is second to none. Thanks, Andrew.

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