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Hopefully I will be dominating over my brother. He is fast. All I am looking for is good, fun, close racing with anyone even if it's a battle for last place. Afterall, we race for fun, not money. So, as long as the car can be driven onto the trailer Sunday afternoon and I have a great racing story to tell people Monday morning, I am a happy camper.

75 Evo
I am currently re-doing the WHOLE car. I have been racing it hard for the last 4 years with 4 different clubs so, I think it's time to give it a rest and go through the whole car. Once it is done it will be used only for the Vintage 2.5 Challenge series and an occasional race here and there.

I will run the yellow spider at Laguna. I am looking forward to racing with some other spiders and a pack of 24 other Alfa's! Where else can you get that kind of field!?

The Alfa sports racer belongs to my uncle. He is not sure if he will bring that or his GT Junior. It's gonna be hard making the sports racer meet 90db with 6 dellorto carbs and little room for mufflers.

Laguna 3 weeks! Gotta get started on the spider!
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