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The type 144 was named only after FIAT control and production transfered to Betim-MG plant. FIAT also change all parts serial numbers.

FNM (state control) assembled the 2000 Berlina under license but if lots of parts imported direct from Alfa Romeo Italy. In 1967 Alfa Romeo Italy bought the FNM and turns Alfa Romeo do Brasil. The 2300 model was designed and developed in Italy to Brazilian market using some obsolete machinery of 102/106 from Portello plant.

There some pictures attached from tests at Balocco track in 1971.

Some last 2150 models already came with 2300 engine.

In beggining of 2300 model production, gearbox and Iron cast block came from Italy. Casted in Italy, machined and assembled in Brazil.

In 1976 the Federal Government in Brazil has fordidden import of parts. Untill that internal and external finishing, trim was all from Italy. From 105 and 116 sorelli.

Untill FIAT Age, the 2300 model was 10212 type.


1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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